Relief From Tinnitus – Tips to Relieve the Annoying and Painful Symptoms Many people today are in search of relief from tinnitus. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, also known as the ringing in the ears. About 12 million people find their symptoms to be so painful and uncomfortable that they seek help from a physician. Sounds can range in levels of loudness and intensities. Some people hear a soft whistle or beeping sound while others may hear very loud pounding and banging. Common causes of tinnitus:
  • Ear infections and sinus infections – this can cause temporary hearing loss and increase the sounds coming from within.
  • Fluid or disease in the middle ear bones can increase symptoms.
  • Exposure to loud levels of noises – extended exposure to high levels of sounds can cause damage to the inner ear, leading to constant sounds.
  • Damage to the nerve endings in the inner ear
  • Medications, such as aspirin, have been known to cause the symptoms of tinnitus.

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  • Hearing aids and tinnitus maskers – these devices help to mask out the sensations of the sounds coming from within the ear and increase the sensations of the sounds coming from outside of the ears.
  • Modifying one’s diet – because tinnitus may be a symptom of another underlying condition in the body, decreasing the amount of salt intake can help relieve the discomfort of tinnitus.
  • Avoiding caffeine and nicotine can help as this may actually increase the intensity of the sounds within the ears.
  • Regular dose of gingko biloba can help decrease the discomfort.
  • Stress management – Incorporating relaxation techniques and breathing exercises help relieve stress which can decrease the intensity of the symptoms.
  • Consuming antioxidants such as acai berry help optimize the immune system which lowers the intensity of the sounds.